Summer Beauty Favorites Revealed….

We are self professed beauty junkies here at Tres Chic Style, and proud of it…

Sephora is like a real life Candyland…. We often refer to it as Beauty Heaven on Earth.

From drugstore brands to the uber luxe finds, we have sloughed and slathered with the best of them.

We’ve decided to share some of latest finds with you in the hopes you’ll love them as much as we do…..

Cover FX: Radiant FX Luminescent Powder

Why We Love It:

  • An all over luminescent powder that can be used on the face & body
  • The pearlized minerals deliver a healthy glow
  • Great for highlighting target areas (cheeks, nose, forehead)

Available at Sephora of course…..

Did someone signal for an emergency……

We’ve all been there… Pimples decide to show up at the worst moments of our lives.. Proms, Commencements, Weddings, Bridal Showers and various memorable events where you need to look your absolute best.

The snazzy minds at Bremenn Labs have created a unique beauty breakthrough designed to treat those pesky pimples/zits in record time!

The Emergency Zit Stick provides instant relief on unexpected blemishes. This is  a must-have beauty product and should NEVER leave your beauty bag…

The instant acting formula reduces redness and swelling on contact while it begins to treat and heal.

Now don’t expect a shazamm effect and the pimples gone, but expect realistic results and bid farewell to that pimple.

My entire family’s in on this one…..

Supergoop SPF30 Everyday Lotion is a summer must-have!!

We absolutely adore this product. The kids love the pump spray effect and I love the ease of application!

Supergoop is waterproof, moisturizing lotion with full SPF protection. Your skin will be moisturized, hydrated and protected from UV rays…

Head on over to Sephora and snag yours, Now!


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