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Rediscover Your Closet….

We’ve heard a lot of the dreaded word (whispering) Recession these days… From the Stimulus Plan, to the markets, car industry and even big name retailers are shuttering their doors as a result of the sluggish economy. Fashionistas are debating about whether to splurge on that designer latte or head to Dunkin Donuts for their 99 cents special. Eating out or ordering in to save some cash. Decisions…Decisions….

While many may be able to sneak a designer piece or two (or three) there’s a reality looming that many of us may have to re-shop our closets and provide our wardrobe with a new fashion afterlife….

Here’s a few tips on how to Re-invent your look, Revive your wallets and Re-discover your closet

  • Pick your ten best pieces Select your favorites and build from there. Whether it’s style, design or fabric, these pieces have an indisputable “it” factor. These pieces should scream Fabulous! If not…..throw it back!
  • Lay your pieces out (bed or floor) The idea is to visually see everything in front of you. Get creative and begin styling the pieces to achieve different looks.

Your choices should reflect the season’s palette. A few color groupings this spring are… khaki, brown, ivory and gold with yellow and red accents or black, white, gray and silver with bright pink and turquoise accents. As a rule, two of your best pieces should be neutral for ease of mixing.

  • Head back into your closet and begin to edit what’s left inside This is where the work begins…..

When it comes to getting rid of closet clutter…honesty is the best policy. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit, don’t flatter and you don’t wear. Be ruthless! Donate Items to your nearest Salvation Army, Good Will, or my personal favorite Dress For Success.

  • Turn your boudoir into a chic dressing room….. Make sure the lighting is great (open the blinds and let some sunshine in). Play your favorite party hits, have a glass of your favorite wine nearby (no reds near the clothing , please) .
  • Try everything on! Not only will your new looks surprise you, they’ll have you amazed that you already own some of the season’s must-haves….


10 Chic Shopping Tips……savvy-shopper

1. Always tune into Tres Chic Style for the latest tips fashion trend reports

2. Leave the kids at home….. Shopping should be your personal alone time . When your at the clearance rack holding a Marc Jacobs Trench Coat marked 60%off, the last thing you need to hear is “Mommy Can We Go Now”.

3. Buy what you like when you see it! You can always hold onto it for that special occasion. If you have to think twice about it…Leave It There!

4. Tear out magazine pages for inspiration and visit Tres Chic Style to locate difficult-to-find items.

5. For more attention from salespeople, shop stores on weekdays just after the doors open (if at all possible). Normally they are eager and willing to assist you.

6. Bulk up on your wardrobe in January and July, when merchandise gets marked down.

7. Shop in an outfit that communicates your style. When you walk into a boutique, the
salesperson will immediately get an idea of your taste.

8. Forgo the dressing room (depending on the store’s return policy), try clothes at home. You’re more relaxed and can see how they blend with what you already have.

9. Hesitate to buy clothes that need tailoring—”who has an extra five minutes?”

10. Empty your purse at the end of the day. File the receipts immediately so you can always locate them if needed.

Valentine’s Day may be over but your only 5 days away from a picture perfect smile with Rembrandt® Whitening Strips…..
Red Carpet divas pride themselves on a winning smile. Many stylist rely on Rembrandt products to assist their clients in achieving bright white smiles.
Rembrandt Whitening Strips are a once daily treatment that visibly whitens teeth in just five days. Bid farewell to the days of whitening strips slipping and sliding because Rembrandt strips utilize Form Fit technology to prevent whitening strips from slipping and sliding on your teeth. A must-have for the Red Carpets, Proms, Weddings or any special event where you want to look your best…..

Includes 7 upper & 7 lower trays
And to keep’em pearly white all day…….. Opt for a Whitening Touch-Up Pen!

Just indulged in coffee, tea, or a glass of Bordeaux? Simply break out this pen and rub over your teeth to diminish any staining effects.

Fashion Week Update……..

Tuesday February 17, 2009
Badgley Mischka, Matthew Williamson, Max Azria and Narcisco Rodriguez are just a few of the designers that will unveil their Fall 09′ Collections at the tents today.
Want to get a glimpse of what really goes on inside those white tents????
Fashion Week Tips That May Get You In
  • Volunteering can always get you in the tents, although you may have missed the deadline it’s still worth it to contact them as the tents are always in need of extra hands…..
  • Dress the part……..Looking and acting like a fashionista helps your chances of getting into the places you want. Obviously if your reading this blog, you must be on your style game…
  • Act Like You Belong There, Just stand in line with everyone else, inform those working the show that you don’t have a ticket, but you’d love to wait in standing. You’d be surprised how far a smile and a good attitude can get you in to the tents (worked wonders for me in the past)
And just in case your not in the New York City Area, we’ve got you covered too…..
Baby Phat will be doing a live Twitter feed from backstage at the Baby Phat show Tuesday, February 17, 2009 from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm EST.

Fashionista’s will be able to log on to and get a “backstage pass” to find out what goes on behind the scenes at one of the most fabulous shows of the year!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Valentine’s Tips of the Day….

Whether you’re planning a Valentine’s Getaway or a quiet evening at home, everyone knows that sizzle can fizzle if you don’t make sure you’re breath is fresh and kissable!
Dr. Dan Smith, a reputable dentist based in the Los Angeles area sees an influx of patients looking for advice on how to keep their breath minty fresh before a big Valentine’s Day date. Below you’ll find some of Dr. Smith’s simple tips that can help you assure you won’t be told to kiss-off on Valentine’s Day…..

Dr. Smith’s Date Night Advice

When Placing Your Order…
Meat eaten in large quantities can cause bad breath, mostly due to the digestion process, which begins in the mouth.
Carbohydrates cause the strongest odors in the mouth – sugars, starches, and cellulose
Milk intolerance is also a cause of bad breath. If you are sensitive to dairy products – steer clear of ice cream desserts!

After Your Meal…
Lick the inside of your wrist. This is the best test to see if your breath is foul.
Use dental floss. Bad breath can be caused by food caught in your teeth.
Chew your garnish! Parsley is a well-known home remedy for bad breath.
Order the fruit dessert. Fresh fruits help cleanse the mouth after a meal and flush away odor-causing bacteria

At the Bar…
Alcohol dries out the mouth, which reduces saliva production.
Mojitos contain lots of fresh mint, so order one and ask for an extra mint garnish to chew on after you finish your drink.
Water will help thwart the dehydration effect of alcohol. Order one glass of water for every drink and you’ll stay sober and sweet!
Alcohol consumption causes digestive problems which leads to bad breath. In addition, alcohol dries out the mouth, which reduces saliva production.

To learn more about Dr. Smith, click here.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Weekend Guide….

Are you still recovering from the stress of the holiday season?? Need a lil’ lift from the winter blues….Well, if a Swedish massage, hot stone massage or water treatment suits your fancy you may be in need of a spa day!!!
And because fashionistas struggle to keep it together while looking fabulous & chic, I’ve compiled a few tips courtesy of the snazzy folks at ShopSmart (March 2009) to guide through your fabulous Spa fix in this tight economy.
  • Call spas and ask, ‘What specials are you offering?’ Inquire about off-season deals, cost-cutting packages, specials for new clients and whether certain days or times are cheaper than others. And don’t be afraid to admit that you’re looking for a deal.
  • Try chain massage stores. The décor usually isn’t too fancy and chains are prone to staffing turnover, but the savings can be big. Massage Envy, for example, has more than 500 storefront locations nationwide and employs only certified therapists. As a member, you get one monthly massage for $49 to $59 per month (depending on location) with additional massages that month costing $39 to $49 each.
  • Visit Spa schools. Most cosmetology and massage therapy schools offer a student spa/salon or clinic where treatments are done under the supervision of instructors at a fraction of the price. Search the Web sites of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools ( or the American Massage Therapy Association (
  • Consider Costco! The discount warehouse sells two $50 SpaFinder gift certificates for $79.99, a 20 percent savings, which can be used for treatments (including discounted ones) at any spa in the SpaFinder network.
  • Search the Web. Sites like,,, and post special deals. At Google, type in your city name and “spa discount” to find promotions, or sign up for your favorite spa’s e-mail alerts on specials.
  • Buy in bulk. You might be able to purchase a series of treatments—say, six for the price of five—to be used within a specified amount of time. Some spas offer a frequent-user card and the 10th visit is free.
  • Ask about product deals. As spas make the transition from one season to another or change product lines, they often offer specials. These types of specials are here one day and gone the next, and they aren’t posted online, so call the front desk to ask.
Don’t forget to check out the March issue of ShopSmart magazine for additional money saving tips on closet organization, fashion, lifestyle and more…….
And remember, Spa Finder offers a comprehensive listing of spas including day spas, vacation spas, medical spas, and spa treatments across the globe.
If your in the New York City area this weekend and craving a Spa fix Body by Brooklyn Day Spa & Lounge has created a dynamic offering that will allow you to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the big game on Super Bowl Sunday!!!!
To celebrate the biggest game of the year, Body by Brooklyn Spa & Lounge will be hosting their first ever Super Bowl Party equipped with food, a full bar, and all the relaxing amenities our luxurious spa has to offer. Guests will be able to enjoy the spa’s unique treatments and services while still getting all the perks of any Super Bowl party!
When: Sunday February 1, 2009
Where: 275 Park Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Time: 5 -10 PM
Cost: $54 per person

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fashion Savvy or Eco-Friendly ???

Like many fashionistas, I have been sporting my chic eco-friendly tote in my handbag for about a year now. Not only is it the “politically correct” thing to do these days, the bags actually come in handy and look so much better than the cheesy supermarket/drug store bags.

This brings me to my point…..When we shop in stores like Forever 21 for 2-wash pieces (apparel that never make it to the washer for the second time) and costume jewelry that will tarnish at the sprinkle of water…..could we possibly be contributing waste items to our environment.

Let’s face it, while we all have been known to frequent a Joyce Leslie, Rave, Rainbow or Forever 21 we enter the premises knowing the clothes are literally disposable. Now does this mean we shouldn’t shop these retailers?? Not at all…..

It just makes you think twice about splurging on a luxury item that will stand the test of time. For example, Is it wiser to purchase a classic well tailored coat that may last 10-15 years versus the money you’ll spend on trendy coats for the next 5 years? You do the math…..

Buying well means only buying once! Of course we shudder at the thought of paying full price, so we shop the infamous Sample Sales, Outlet Stores and become budget savvy….eco-friendly shoppers…..

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Style Challenge….

What is Style?
Style is not just about clothes, nor is it something bestowed upon you if you are the correct shape or size. Style is about the way you hold yourself and move through the world.

Are you a sleek and stylish fashionista or do you prefer function over fashion? Are you all about brand names or does affordable and practical win out? What is your style?
Take the test, here.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Weekend Guide….

Inauguration fever is here…. Whether your heading out to D.C. for the weekend’s events or planning a celebration soiree at home, here’s a few chic ideas:
Traveling To DC: Thinking about leaving on Tuesday??? With the expected traffic pile-up you may get you into the capital on Thursday!
Seriously, if your heading down Sunday evening/early Monday may be your best bet. Amtrak is an ideal choice for those who’d rather not navigate through the traffic and endless security checkpoints.
Bundle Up & Look Chic: The weather is predicting a bitterly cold and windy Inauguration Day. Just because the weather’s frightful, doesn’t mean you have to look that way too! The integral feature of a stunning Inugural look is most definitely a fab coat. Of course you’ll need tights that will keep your legs super-warm. And don’t forget about a chic hat, scarf and gloves too keep you warm…
Last Minute Event Shopping: Head down to the mall this weekend and snag an awesome deal like this, this or maybe even these.
Inauguration Soiree Hostess Tips

Show your American pride with a dazzling decor of silver, red and blue (yes, I said silver). Or better yet, whip out those decorations from last year’s 4th of July Celebration!

There is no shortage of Obama related products. Depending on your budget, gift bags could include t-shirts, wrist bands, hats, or just about any patriotic item you can get your hands on.

Serve a decadent menu reflecting President-Elect Obama’s diverse background. Try Mini-Chicago Style Pizzas, a Hawaiian salad, or a traditional Kenyan dish of samosas.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Vacation News…..

Hope everyone’s holiday was a fab one….

Tres Chic Style is still on a much needed vacation but until we return here’s a few fashion savvy tips for our fiercely loyal fashionistas.

  • Plan a great New Year’s Eve event! While the recession has curtailed many of the extravagant festivities a get-together is always in season. Ring in 2009 with a few of your closest friends, some decadent treats and amazing cocktails!


  • Stock up on next year’s winter favorites! This is the perfect time to stock up on drastically marked down winter apparel. Stay away from trendy items and pay close attention to classic pieces that can update your wardrobe for next year. Boots are always my favorite end-of-the-year item. A fashionistas can never have too manyboots.


  • Chic New Year’s Eve ensembles are a must have…. No need to break the bank when you have budget friendly retailers like Forever 21. Stop by your nearest F21 store and snag a few peices to update your existing wardrobe and pick up that special ensemble for the big night.
And for the coupon divas…..
  • $50 Boomingdale’s Coupon Expires December 31, At Bloomingdale’s stores take $50 off when you spend $250 or more.
  • 20% Lord And Taylor Printable Coupons Expires December 29, Awesome savings of 20% discount on sale and clearance merchandise, plus 15% off storewide regular price, present it at the cashier for discount
  • 10% Printable Aldo Coupon Expires January 31, Print coupon and present it to any Aldo Shoe store near you and save 10% on any merchandise.
  • 60% + 20 % Banana Republic Stores Coupon Expires January 01, Save 60% discount, plus an extra 20% off sale ( limited time only ). Offer valid at Banana Republic store/online discount will be taken at register, On-Line Promo Code: Extra20


Monday, December 1, 2008

Chic Holiday Ideas….

The Sex and the City fashionistas introduced us to the uber-chic hand bag rental Bag, Borrow or Steal, now Ilus New York brings you New York City’s newest rental phenomenon…Designer Dresses!

Ilus New York affords you the opportunity to borrow designer dresses, evening bags and genuine Swarovski crystal accessories to meet the needs of your holiday social calendar.

Here’s How It Works:

  • You can browse the designer dress selection online or in their Nolita boutique
  • Reserve or order your selected dress
  • Enjoy for 3 nights from the date of rental, when it’s time to return your dress, simply choose from the following options: Drop off at their Nolita boutique, or
    schedule a pick up by phone or email.

This seems like an ideal solution for fashionistas on a limited budget during this tight economy. It allows you to look your best without the hefty price tag associated with most designer gowns. For about $100 (rental & cleaning fees) you can borrow the dress of your dreams and still have change to splurge on some accessories.

Here’s a few from their collection that I’m totally smitten with….

Note: Most of my favorites were only available in a size 4 or 6, so it looks like Ilus New York may need to up the ante on some realistic sizes. I only found 2 dresses in my size.. What a pity!

No worries….I’ll make it my mission this week to bring you another rental website with realistic sizes like 8, 10, 12 and up……

And here’s a few Cyber Monday deals for my fircely loyal fashionistas…..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chic Holiday Hostess Gifts…..

This holiday season, many fashionistas will be invited to a dinner or gathering. Some may even be staying overnight at a friend or family member’s home. A great way to show your appreciation for the work and effort put forth by the hostess is to bring a hostess gift.
While hostess gifts are certainly not mandatory, they are thoughtful and oh so chic…..
  • Chocolates- you can never go wrong with chocolates….
  • Picture Frame- Almost every hostess would enjoy a beautiful picture frame. If you know your hostess well, choose a frame that will compliment her décor.
  • Wine- tried tested and true…. An ordinary bottle would be a little dull and boring, so spice it up with some sassy wrap and a cute gift card.
  • Gourmet Tea or Coffees- Opt for a gift basket or assemble your favorites with a ceramic mug and decorative wrap.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chic Holiday Travel Tips….

  • Packing-First things first, just because your going to see family, doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Pack a few must have items of clothing to accentuate a glam look. You never know when your married cousin will invite that cute single co-worker. Who knows, maybe you’ll be back for Valentine’s Day with him as your date…
  • Skip the Cheap Travel (unless it’s a last minute getaway to Maui), Many airlines offer big bargains for flights on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. You might save a bundle, but there is little worse than spending your holiday in the event of a delay at the airport. You’ll be forced to spend the holiday with a bunch of airline employees and other passengers who don’t want to be there either………..
  • Leave the drama at home……. yes we all know Uncle Jr. drinks too much at the dinner table and Aunt Bea gossips too much, but just suck it up for Turkey Day…..
  • Empty all your pockets and make sure those stiletto boots are outfitted with cute socks/tights for the random screening check. (Feet Up Please…)
  • Do not attempt to carry wrapped gifts in your carry-on. TSA officials may ask you to unwrap them…….Better yet, security agents might be opening your gifts instead of your loved ones, and you’ll be wrapping them all over again.
  • Remove the batteries from toys and electronic items will save you many hassles at check-in and security.
  • Remember that 3oz. rule, no liquids larger than 3oz. and don’t forget the Ziploc bag. Do not get into an altercation with the TSA agent when she takes your 8oz bottle of Bath & Body Works and tosses it…….she is just doing her job (and will probably be smelling nice too courtesy of you). All your fault, you should have read my Favorite Holiday Things post and you would’ve known better.
  • Carry your laptop so you can get your daily dose of Tres Chic Style… And share the blog with your cousin Reesie, because you know she likes to “get her hair did.”
  • Stop at Target (because magazines are always 20% off at Target) and pick up the latest copies of your favorite Fashion Magazines.
  • As always, a fashionista must be pampered before the trip, Do the hair/nails & pedicure ritual before you leave so you can spend that precious time with family.
  • While on the plane, jot down at least 5 things in your life your thankful for. At the end of the flight tuck the list in your bag and if anybody works your nerves during the holiday go to the list and it’ll help you realize what really matters….. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas Under $10….

Before you head out for your holiday shopping, take a peek at some fab holiday gift ideas. These gifts are nontraditional, affordable, thoughtful and under $10….
  1. Journal – personalize this gift by writing a special inscription inside
  2. Homemade Cocoa/Tea – grab your favorite recipe and package it in a mason jar add some ribbon and voila!
  3. Picture Frame – head on over to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx and your likely to find a gorgeous frame or two.
  4. Nail Polish Gift Set – a top coat, nude color and some remover in a cute tin makes a great gift
  5. Candy – gourmet chocolate bars wrapped in a pretty ribbon
  6. Tea Set – herbal tea inside a decorative tea cup
  7. Coupons- (not the ones you clip) personalize a special coupon for that special someone in your life. It can be as simple as chauffeur for a day or a free babysitting day. Be Creative!
  8. Note Cards – once again Marshall’s or TJ Maxx has you covered with this one. Add a few stamps as an added touch.
  9. Trail Mix- nut lover’s will smile…. personalize it by re-packaging it and added some ribbon
  10. Homemade Cookies – everyone’s favorite treat….

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chic Beauty Finds Under $5…..

Just a few chic tips & products to keep you looking fabulous in this tight economy
  • Are you totally smitten with eyelash extensions?? Save a few dollars and head to your favorite drugstore and snag a pair of eyelashes. They’re simple easy and can be applied in less than 5 minutes. $2.69 & Up….

  • Keep it chic and simple with everyone’s favorite mascara. Maybeline Great Lash is tried, tested and true…. Priced under $5, it will keep your lashes looking great and clump-free.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stylist Tip of the Day….

While your hitting the hottest holiday parties or social events of the year, Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you were fully versed on Purse Etiquette ………
Your purse can either enhance and blend with your ensemble or it can detract from your appearance. You can appear awkward and unbalanced as though you were carrying a burden instead of a purse. With proper placement, you will find that your handbag is no longer a foreign object to be shifted from hand to hand, but an article of clothing which can be carried neatly and effortlessly.
There are two common mistakes that we see every day.
For instance, have you noticed the woman who clutches her purse under her arm and looks like a football player about to run for a touchdown?
Or, perhaps you have seen the woman who carries her purse as though it were a suitcase or a lunch box by grasping the handle and carrying it down by her side, where it often becomes a dangerous obstacle for passers-by. Remember, your handbag is part of your total look; carry it as such, easily and prettily.
Purse With a Handle-Slip your hand through the handle from the outside and let the handle rest on your wrist, turn your palm up, fingers relaxed. Place your wrist lightly against your waist so that your purse is resting on the flat of the hip.
Envelope Bag-Hold the bottom of the envelope bag in your hand resting it on the length of the index and middle fingers. Rest your hand against the flat of the hip and let the hand and bag relax to an angle.
Shoulder Bag-Never slip your head through the strap of a shoulder bag, and carry it criss-crossing your body. (maybe you can try it with a messenger bag)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

10 Chic Shopping Tips….

Fashionistas, We all love to shop….
Here’s a few shopping tips to assist you on your next trip…..

1. Always tune into Tres Chic Style for the latest tips fashion trend reports

2. Leave the kids at home….. Shopping should be your personal alone time . When your at the clearance rack holding a Marc Jacobs Trench Coat marked 60%off, the last thing you need to hear is “Mommy Can We Go Now”.

3. Buy what you like when you see it! You can always hold onto it for that special occasion. If you have to think twice about it…Leave It There!

4. Tear out magazine pages for inspiration and visit Tres Chic Style to locate difficult-to-find items.

5. For more attention from salespeople, shop stores on weekdays just after the doors open (if at all possible). Normally they are eager and willing to assist you.

6. Bulk up on your wardrobe in January and July, when merchandise gets marked down.

7. Shop in an outfit that communicates your style. When you walk into a boutique, the
salesperson will immediately get an idea of your taste.

8. Forgo the dressing room (depending on the store’s return policy), try clothes at home. You’re more relaxed and can see how they blend with what you already have.

9. Hesitate to buy clothes that need tailoring—”who has an extra five minutes?”

10. Empty your purse at the end of the day. File the receipts immediately so you can always locate them if needed.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chic Jewels of the Day……

Hope everyone’s Labor Day was a blast……
As we bid farewell to summer, September marks the beginning of the Spring/Summer 09 fashion show season in New York City. I am so ready to take a break from the political hoopla (my other 9-5) and indulge in a little fashion!

As we fashionistas juggle the facets of our demanding careers, family life and our obsession with the pretty things in life, let us take a moment and focus on a few of lifes simple treasures…….

  • Make Time for your Girlfriends: In the midst of a hectic schedule like yours, (do the words `sllloooow dooown’ seem fitting?) it’s easy to put creature comforts last. Make your girlfriends a priority and you will be amazed at how much more sane you feel. It’s true, there are not enough hours in a day, but if you can squeeze in a visit with your favorite sister friends everything will be right with the world. Plus, you’ll be reminded that life is not just about work.
  • Allow Yourself One Frivolous Purchase a Week: Whether it’s a lavender bar of soap you don’t need, a ridiculously priced frappuccino from your local Starbucks or a low cut blouse that goes perfectly with that new bracelet you bought on sale downtown, it’ll give you a sense of renewal that helps fend off stress and depression. They call it retail therapy for a reason you know. Isn’t there a saying about that: “a diamond a day keeps the doctor….” Oh well, close enough.
  • Give Yourself a Pedicure: You’re already sitting in front of the TV watching “Project Runway” with your feet up on the table; why not soak them in soothing Epsom salts, and paint your toesies? Even as the Fall season is fast approaching and your feet are covered in (designer) boots, at least YOU will know what lurks underneath, and it’ll make you smile all day long.
  • Talk on the Phone: Call up a girlfriend you haven’t spoken to in a while just to say hello. You will brighten her day, and possibly inspire your own. Plus you will be reminded there are people out there who care about you.
  • Read: There’s nothing more soothing than curling up in your favorite chair, or bathtub with a good book, (especially if it’s accompanied by soft jazz and some Godiva) Whether it’s the latest New Yorker, Elle or a printout from your favorite Tres Chic Style post. Reading is one of the greatest escapes of all time because you can stop at any time, it costs nothing but time, and it’s a great way to inspire new ideas.
  • Dress Up and Take Yourself to Dinner: There is nothing more empowering than dining alone. Wear your favorite stilettos, little black dress and play around with new make-up looks before you go. Head to the bar and sit sipping your favorite drink, taking in the atmosphere. Some of the world’s greatest thinkers came up with brilliant ideas while dining alone. Who says you aren’t next? (Then again, if the bartender is cute, he might just inspire some good ideas too…)
  • Organize Girlfriend Get-Togethers on a Regular Basis: It can be for coffee, dinner, a walk, or a cry, but no matter what, make sure to foster good friendships in your life. Friends are a reflection of the person you are, so make sure they are good ones. After all, without them, life would be pretty empty (especially when it comes to shopping).

Till next time…..Keep it Chic, Fabulous & Stylish


Monday, August 18, 2008

Fall Fashion Trend Watch……

It’s no secret that plaid, gingham, and tartan were splashed all over the Fall 2008 ready-to-wear runways. The preppy print was utilized by D&G, Ralph Lauren & Marc Jacobs in a bevy of short dresses, plaid pants, tights, and accessories.

Secrets to Wearing Plaid
  • Experimentation has never hurt anyone in the world of fashion. If your used to playing it safe with fashion, try an accessory to update your look.
  • Plaid can be a very tricky trend to follow, so know which pattern works for you.
  • Plaid pants should be reserved for costume parties or a golfing event (or maybe not)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Bye…Bye Blue Jeans….

Feminine Dresses and Sexy Stilettos are here to stay as we bid farewell to blue jeans. Due largely in part to the fashion imagery in Sex And The City. Fashionistas are opting for flirty dresses in lieu of the popular Girl’s Night Out ensemble comprised of a cutesy top and tight jeans. Style maven Pat Field has allowed us to embrace our femininity with so much style & grace. Pat is an artist and visionary who’s brilliant work inspired a new culture of fashionistas.
We are forever indebted to her for her wisdom, whimsy and ornate ability to create a fashion fantasy…….
Before you hit Madison Ave. or Rodeo Drive, take look at how you can get the actual looks of Sex And The City.
Dresses are a girl’s best friend. In an earlier post, I detailed how women of every shape and size can find their perfect dress. I have an admiration for dresses and skirts. As a busy mommy dresses are so easy to slip on. With a 5:00am start, I have little time to iron, steam or press. I own a ridiculous amount of dresses (I think I only own two pairs of pants (excluding jeans) so choosing is never hard. Paired with a fabulous shoe, statement accessories and a hot handbag, I’m literally out the door……

Maggy London Printed Silk Dress worn by Miranda in the movie. This graphic silk twill dress is perfect for any body type and I’ll give you an update when mine arrives………Dillards, $150

Embrace color…..Have fun with accessories this season. The days of boring black handbags are so over. I’ve never carried black handbags in the boutique, well maybe a fab patent tote here and there. I’ve loved color since childhood. I went through the black clothing faze in college and it was Boring! Try a chic tote in a spalshy hue for summer and just watch the difference it makes with your total look .

Simple black and brown pumps have been replaced with a myriad of designer beauties. Stilettos are a fashionistas shoe of choice and retailers like Nine West and Steve Madden have made it so easy to replicate a designer look. Shoes can literally make or break an outfit. One of the hottest trends of the season is this must-have gladiator sandal (pictured above) with buckle detailed ankle straps on 4″ wedge heel. Too Hot! Heech Sandal Nine West, $89

Cinch It…. Grab a belt and watch the styleometer hit an all time high. Pat Field creative utilization of belts can be seen throughout the film. Belts are great for creating an hourglass illusion on any body type. Find the best ones at Designer Discount Retailers like Marshalls or TJ Maxx.

Accessories Make The World Go Round…….. Did you know the accessories market has reached an all time high? The sales of handbags, shoes, and jewelry are constantly increasing. Retailers are redefinig their brands through the overwhelming presence of accessories. Have you taken a look at the main floor at Macy’s lately? Accessories own the entire sales floor. Begin to define your personal style with the seasons hottest accessories. Nordstrom is my all time favorite retailer for fashion jewelry.

Lastly, master the art of being feminine and fabulous. Have fun with fashion by embracing your inner quirkiness. Take a risk on the season’s best floral ensembles and pair it with the sexiest pair of sandals you can find. At the end of the day it’s all about you and your quest to looking undeniably sexy and fabulous!!!



Sex and the City is Finally Here……

Many fashionistas hit theatres last night at midnight to get their first glimpse at the most anticipated movie of the year. Fellow bloggers and fashionistas have declared the film 2 hours and 20 minutes of pure fashion genius. Due to scheduling conflicts and mommy duties I’ll be missing opening day (can you believe it), but I already have my tickets for Saturday evening. I’ll be taking my lil‘ sister Linda. She’s not a big SATC fan but she’s 16 years old, loves fashion and hardly ever passes up on anything free………

Just thought I’d post some chic tips to get your Sexy weekend started……..

  • Check out the official Sex and the City Myspace page. Not only do they have some fab photos but you can get literally Carried Away with the wallpapers, screen savers, soundtrack snippets, message boards and more…….
  • Do plan a Sex and the City weekend with your girlfriends. Catch the movie with your favorite fashionistas. Channel your inner Charlotte with a fabulous dress and cutesy flats or up the ante and wear your sexy stilettos and your favorite black dress and let the Samantha in you shine……..
  • Have a Girl’s Night Out……. Get your favorite seasons on DVD and plan a night of Cosmos and Girl Talk.
  • Lastly…..Shopping!

Many call New York the 5th character in the movie, but I think it’s the clothes. The fiery ensembles bring fashion imagery to life. Here’s a few tips to assist you in transforming your wardrobe into the ultimate Sex and the City Closet.

Mix High and Low
Master the art of mixing flea market finds with designer pieces. Pair that $5 Forever 21 Tank with your favorite designer jeans and stilettos. Add a vintage purse from the Brooklyn Flea and feel like a million bucks…….

It’s all in the Shoes
Toss the Birkenstocks and opt for sky-high stilettos, mules and pumps. Forgo stockings and let those bronzed beauties shine. Remember the tools of shopping High and Low. While Manolo’s and Jimmy Choos may suit our fantasies, Zappos, Endless and Nordstrom may be our shoe realities.

Dress The Lastest Trends & Toss The Old Ones

Rehaul your closet and retain the timeless pieces. Don’t be afraid to toss last season’s bohemian skirts. After all Carrie would never be caught rockin‘ last years trends. Subscribe to your favorite fashion magazines and tune in to Tres Chic Style religiously.

Shopping Guide

Richard Tyler, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and Chanel are just some of the SATC favorite designer labels. You too can shop like Carrie or Charlotte and still have change for a cosmo.

Whimsy, indie designers –,, Patricia Field (pictured above)
Vintage links
Designer handbags at (Dior, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and more) And if you can’t commit to a high-end designer back for more than a week, the ingenious folks over at Bag, Borrow or Steal have made it easy for you to rent the latest looks.

Designer finds at Net-a-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus (and for Manolos!)

Get the look for less……

Bebe for sexy style
Banana Republic for urban essentials
Get your designer duds resale at

Not a size 2 or 6, no worries……

I had the pleasure of meeting the two dynamic fashionistas behind ReDress at the Brooklyn Flea the other weekend. Redress plans to revolutionize the Vintage apparel market by becoming the first plus size vintage boutique in New York City. Their pieces are amazing……Fun, Quirky and sure to make ya feel Sexy……

Monif C.– the first contemporary, sexy, trendy designer boutique for plus size fashionistas.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother’s Day Shopping Tips….


Mother’s Day is Sunday and we’ve decided to compile a few tips to assist you with your search for the perfect gift to make mom’s day special.

Last Minute Shopping Tips for Mom
  • Do be creative…… Remember, your not in grade school so that macaroni necklace just won’t do! Get mom a gift that represents her personal taste and signature style. If you like it chances are she will too, but do keep in mind it’s for mom…. Not You!
  • Avoid giving cash…it’s thoughtless, says you put little effort into it and it’s tasteless for the woman who brought you into this world!
  • Avoid the perfume counter….. Year after year mom’s are bombarded with their favorite gift sets that they can easily purchase on their own. Remember be creative…
  • While Gift Cards are usually a gifting faux-pas, exceptions can be made for Mother’s Day. Think of Mom’s favorite shopping haunt and get to it!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Style Question of The Day……

As a blogger, I’m always receiving mail from my loyal Tres Chic Style fashionista’s. As a stylist, I love offering tips and personal style advice on looking fabulous….
Emily from Brooklyn wrote: Love the blog and the hats are fabulous. So my question as a reader is, how can I wear fabulous hats everyday without it looking too over the top like I am going to Sunday service? Is there a “standard” everyday size or what type of outfit should it be worn with? I love hats and could definitely see it being my signature style. Please advise!

First and foremost a hat should reflect your personal style. As a milliner I’m always reminding my clients to choose designs that compliment existing pieces in your wardrobe.

Hats have been around for a very long time. Since their inception, hats have represented status symbols, fashion statements and over-the-top glamour.

Here are a few tips to assist you in your search for the perfect hat……

Julia Roberts donned a classic straw with a satin scarf to match her dress. This look is simply timeless and classic. Perfect for an afternoon tea or social gathering…….

This classic silk dupion large brim is definitely a must for the lady that wants to be noticed. Pair a design like this with a sheath dress and some amazing pumps and just watch as you stop some traffic….

Vintage Designs have long been a hat lover’s dream, mainly because they draw attention to the face. Pillbox designs were often worn by women of high society and “ladies that lunched”.

And whoever said you can’t have fun with your hats…..Feathers, veils and bows have always been a favorite of Hat Divas….

There’s a perfect hat for everyone….. Stop by Tres Chic and try on different styles until you find your signature millinery piece.
And always remember a hat can always be used to disguise a “bad hair day”……..


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